What makes you unique? - Part 1

What makes you unique? - Part 1

Uncategorized Mar 22, 2020

As I was picking the topic for this blog I was given two choices: uniqueness and confidence. I chose uniqueness. I’m a freshman in high school, so I’m trying to find things unique about me but also try to fit in at school. I go to a school with uniforms so it is hard to stand out. What I usually do is change up my hair. Sometimes I would add color to my hair or on special occasions I would be allowed to flat iron my hair. My hair would make me feel unique but if you can't do anything with your hair then maybe you try some new makeup if you're up to it. If you go to a school with no uniforms dress out like the way you want to but still follow the dress code. Find an outfit that makes you happy and maybe get a second opinion on it. I don't just want to talk about outward appearances, find something unique about you and your personality and the things you do. That's what makes you truly unique.

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My name is Excellence Herbert. I'm in ninth grade and I love singing and coding. I sometimes write songs. My birthday is May 21 so I am a Gemini if you wanted to know my sign. My favorite food is mac and cheese and I like sitting at home to watch Netflix.


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