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Fill out the below information to apply for the NEXTGENPRENEUR Business and Leadership Accelerator Program:

NEXTGENPRENEUR Business and Leadership Accelerator Certification Program


Are you looking for a hands-on program to help your girl finally launch and grow that business/business idea she's had for years?

Do you want your girl to  automatically stand out in her applications for college, scholarship or leadership opportunities? 


The GENPRENEUR® CERTIFIED Program is a 10-week accelerated and intensive business, marketing and leadership certification program for the genpreneur who is ready for the next level hands-on business training, coaching and implementation on how to build and grow a real business using our proprietary framework of tools - through our personalized coaching.

This program fosters leadership, grit and growth skills for young women. We help launch strategic thinkers who want to make an impact in the world.

This is not another youth entrepreneurship program where the focus is on ideas and very generic lessons. This works best for a teen who already has a business and needs help in taking it to the next level or a teen who has a business idea and needs to develop it while learning skills that she can monetize at the same time.

Think of a mini-MBA program + coaching program. Training on everything from your marketing, social media, customer acquisition strategies, professional branding and business systems are covered.

Upon completion of the program, each participant will receive the NEXTGENPRENEUR Business and Leadership certification, an official sealed NEXTGENPRENEUR certificate and her business will be recognized and listed as a GENPRENEUR CERTIFIED business….and will benefit from the perks that come with it.