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  the next generation of girl entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators 


We equip middle and high school-aged girls with tools, resources + life and leadership skills not taught in traditional schools

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At the NEXTGENPRENEUR, your girl will be equipped with skills that sets her apart for success in her teenage years, the classroom, the marketplace and her future.


Learn at your own pace or with your peers (24/7 access to an online learning portal + live expert-led workshops)

Your scholar can access and take each course at her own pace via our 24/7 robust online learning portal OR she can participate in a monthly expert-led live virtual session with an expert and her peers (fellow GENPRENEURs). They motivate each other, sometimes work on projects together, earn prizes, get access to live mentoring and network with other like-minded girl leaders or entrepreneurs.

A sneak peak to a few of our expert-led training modules in our learning portal.

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Abby, 13

After the Girls who Invest like a Pro session, I was able to understand the stock market because of the simple way it was explained and I now purchase stocks and observe the market on my own.

Kelly, 15

I learned how to take the ideas I’ve had since I was 9 but had no clue how to start my business to now successfully creating an apparel business. I really enjoyed how you walked us through validating our ideas, creating a business plan, marketing and even pitching.


Gwen, Parent

"I can't believe what these girls are learning and exposed to at their age. The quality of the topics and experts is mind-blowing. Truth be told, I'm learning from my daughter's sessions too.)

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Research shows that over 71% of GENZers want to have their own business, start a community social impact project and believe they are leaders.

Our core pillars are:


Financial Literacy


Mental Wellness

Listen to what some of our parents have to share about our incredible program

(testimonials of the impact on their girls)


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