Help us equip 1000 high school girls in 2023

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We are equipping and developing the next generation and wave of future female CEOs, Leaders and Innovators.

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(Join us to equip and empower 1000 girls and future women CEOs/ leaders in 2023)


  • Close the gap between women in business and leadership and their counterparts

  • Increase workforce readiness, technical skills and talent pool

  • Support under-resourced young women

  • Support your DEI and Social Impact Initiatives

  • Increase your employee engagement

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Are you a School leader?

Bring the NEXTGENPRENEUR curriculum to your classrooms or as an immersive extracurricular program for your students.

 Our innovative curriculum is specifically tailored for both students and educators, providing essential training in leadership and entrepreneurship. Our program empowers students to launch businesses with a focus on social impact and profitability, giving them the tools they need to make a positive difference in their communities and beyond.

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