About us

About Us

The NEXTGENPRENEUR is dedicated to empowering and equipping the next generation of girl leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators (GENPRENEURS).

We strongly believe in preparing girls now with the necessary life and leadership skills needed to thrive now and for their future so they can become women leaders in their community, entrepreneurs, financial-savy and emotional and mentally healthy.


After a decade of running a mentoring and leadership program which has developed hundreds of girl entrepreneurs, college graduates and leaders in the Washington DC metro area and seeing the tremendous impact on these middle and high-school aged girls, our founder, Adeola Ariyo-Enikanoselu decided to extend the impact and give more girls around the globe the opportunity to be mentored and equipped with crucial life and leadership skills not taught in traditional schools and create a global community of girls who want to be self-confident, financial savvy, emotional and mentally healthy and impact their community through Entrepreneurship.

A recent article in Forbes mentioned that females are still not as confident about Investing in the Stock Market, Entrepreneurship or breaking glass ceilings as their male counterparts.


"Women are speaking up for themselves and their worth, and it is important that we empower younger women to do the same. As soon as they discover that their voice has weight, they can identify the best way to use it" - Huffington Post, 2017.


Benefits of our Program:

  • Increased Self Confidence
  • Financial Literacy and Investing Skills
  • Entrepreneurship and Leadership skills
  • Mentored by like-minded peers, mentors and leaders.
  • Emotional-Intelligent and Healthy girls.
  • And much more.

About Founder

A motivational voice for women and girls for over a decade, Adeola Ariyo Enikanoselu is a trained Software Engineer of 20 years, an expert in equipping women with the strategy, mindset and tools needed to reinvent themselves and launch profitable businesses and brands.  

Adeola’s noteworthy career has been one bold leap after the next. In her early twenties, she rose up the ranks of one the youngest directors in the company’s history of a network marketing company. Still soaring, she entered the corporate world into a senior-level role in software engineering before stepping out on her own to build a thriving IT consulting firm.

 Her passion for mentoring and developing young girls came from her story being one of a family of all girls herself, attending an all-girls high school and witnessing the impact of a role of a mentor in her life during her adolescent years. This combined with her true love for teaching and empowering the youth, led to her establishing, THE GEMZ, a non profit organization that serves as a mentoring and leadership program for middle and high school-aged girls to live out her mission. Today, she has reached thousands, and become known for high-quality experiences where participants find the connections, conversations and confidence to become everything they desire to be.

When Adeola is not directing programming for her organizations, she is working with early-stage and seasoned creative and social entrepreneurs to revolutionize their business models and revenue through her Washington Metro based business consulting and branding agency. Her diverse portfolio of successful clients range from nonprofits to professional services firms.

An authority on topics such as reinventing your life and career after thirty five, personal branding, entrepreneurship and developing girls into confident leaders, Adeola has been featured on ABC7’s Good Morning Washington and Fox 45 in Baltimore. Her valuable insight has also been seen in the Washington Examiner, CEO Kid Magazine and other printed publications.

Adeola holds a Computer Information Systems degree from Arizona State and an Executive Education in Women in Leadership from Yale University.

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